Led Zeppelin Sued by Spirit for Copyright Infringement

Rock anthem Stairway to Heaven is the subject of a copyright infringement suit against Led Zeppelin. Sixties rock band Spirit claims that Led Zeppelin stole the introduction to Stairway to Heaven from their 1968 instrumental track Taurus. […]

Another Recording Artist Fights Back Against Alleged Underpaid Royalties

Country Music Star Brad Paisley Seeks Payment from Sony Music Record labels are supposed to help promote the music and increase the profits of the musicians they sign; unfortunately, as some recent high profile cases […]

Miami Attorney Tom J Manos Wins Dismissal of $60 Million Fraud Case in Miami Court Against His Client in Favor of Venezuelan Forum

Tom J. Manos, representing a Miami defendant who was doing business with a failed stock brokerage in Venezuela, won an appeal affirming the dismissal of a case in Miami-Dade Circuit Court alleging a $60 million fraud, […]

A Copyright and Contract Case Gets Complicated

Finally, After Seven Years, A Ruling in the “Ghost Hunters” Dispute Actors, models, artists, writers and others in the entertainment field are go-getters who use their ideas and talents to make a living and, in […]

Law Professor and Record Company Settle on YouTube Video Copyright Lawsuit

If you live in the greater Miami area and are on either side of a copyright or trademark infringement suit, contact our office for a consultation. We will determine if we can help you in […]

An Ongoing Court Case Threatens to Redefine Copyright Litigation

In the United States, copyright law protects the rights of the owners of copyrighted material to distribute the material and to profit from that distribution. A corollary of the protection afforded to copyright owners is […]

Estate of James Dean Files Suit Over “@JamesDean” Twitter Account

In the past, the term “cybersquatting” may have only referred to the use of trademarks in internet domain names without permission, but may expand beyond web address names to include social media accounts. The estate […]

Rapper Faces $16 Million Loss in a Partnership Dispute with Florida Company

Celebrity product lines can be lucrative, but beware the fine print. For many celebrities and entertainers, artistically creative years are followed by lucrative years during which licensing, endorsement and joint venture deals lead to high-value […]

Rights to Deceased Singer Nina Simone’s Music Remain in Dispute

Legal disputes following the death of a loved one in Miami may be exacerbated if the deceased was a famous entertainer, such is the case for the dispute over Nina Simone’s music. Several individuals who […]

Social Media, Defamation and Your Rights

Anyone familiar with Facebook, Twitter and other social media knows that these communication tools can be used to air grudges, disseminate questionable information and hurt feelings. But when do embarrassing claims and potentially damaging statements […]