Construction Litigation

Miami Construction Law Attorney

Construction projects can rarely afford to become bogged down by legal concerns. At Manos Schenk, we keep construction projects on track. We help builders, lenders, developers, and consumers correct issues that can derail a construction deadline. We are also a trusted resource for resolving conflicts involving construction defects and consumer complaints.

We represent clients in residential construction matters and commercial clients who are building or remodeling hotels, apartments, stores, office buildings, restaurants, etc. At Manos Schenk, we educate our clients to the many serious ramifications of seemingly innocuous construction matters.

Prevent Florida Construction Contract Issues

There is no such thing as a “standard” contract.  If you are creating a contract for construction work, you can prevent conflicts down the line by having it drafted and reviewed by an experienced Miami construction law attorney.  Prevent litigation — contact us today regarding your construction contract.