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Miami Athletic Defender

Behind the fanfare and excitement in the world of professional athletics lies an array of business contracts.  From management deals to team contracts and advertising endorsements, professional athletes have a lot on the line and are involved with a network of business professionals.  At Miami-based international law firm of Manos Schenk, we understand the business behind the sports industry. Our Miami-based law firm offers sports law services to protect the financial and legal interests of professional athletes.

Miami attorney Tom Manos has applied his background in the entertainment industry with his legal skills to provide strategic legal counsel to football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and tennis players.  Mr. Manos, and his legal team negotiate and develop solid contracts concerning team membership, product endorsements, management, and also the personal transactions that athletes encounter, from real estate transactions to construction disputes, to fraudulent scammers, to stalkers, to investments gone awry.  We are the law-firm to have in your corner, on your sideline, or in your dugout. We help you minimize the possibility of adverse legal or financial implications inherent in any transaction, and watch your back to help keep you out of trouble.

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Supporting Professional Athletes With Strategic Legal Counsel

The sports industry is fast paced, often with the promise of potential deals lurking around every corner.  Many athletes are very good at what they do, but may not be knowledgeable regarding legal contracts.  It is not uncommon for athletes to be too trusting and to take things at face value.  A verbal agreement based on a handshake where the other person assures you that their word is “stronger than oak,” is quickly forgotten when a “better deal” comes along for that person.  At the law firm of Manos Schenk, we offer strong advocacy and strategic counsel to protect professional athletes from adverse financial implications associated with poor planning or bad contracts. Attorney Manos is a trial lawyer who knows first-hand the pitfalls of verbal agreements and contracts made without the help of experienced sports and entertainment law attorney.