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Behind the making of a performer is a network of business professionals. From managers to producers to executives at record labels, a variety of people can have a hand in the success of an artist. At the law firm of Manos Schenk, we understand the business behind the music. We offer entertainment law services to help producers and record label executives establish their businesses and relationships in an effort to allow them to focus on what they do best – creating and promoting entertainment product – while we worry about the legal matters and keeping the client out of trouble.

Miami entertainment law attorney Tom J. Manos has blended his passion for music with his legal skills and understanding of the industry to protect the best interests of producers and record labels. Mr. Manos’ background as a professional musician and producer has given him a unique perspective which he uses in establishing business relationships with well-defined contracts.  From the formation of a new record label to signing on a new artist, we can help protect your business and help you to succeed.

If a case goes to trial, we devote substantial resources to preparing every dispute for a favorable verdict. We consult expert witnesses and forensic accountants as needed to demonstrate industry standards and the scope of damages involved. We love juries and juries love us. Trial is “show time” for us. Our focus on demonstrating fault and damages, and our comfort level and fondness for the courtroom often forces our opponents to settle to avoid paying more at trial.

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Experienced Advocacy You Can Trust

At the Miami-based international law firm of Manos Schenk, we understand that creative ideas can jump start new business deals.  Unfortunately, verbal agreements or plans written on a napkin can quickly escalate into legal disputes.  When a dispute erupts, we will offer strong advocacy tempered with sound judgment in pursuit of a favorable resolution without putting valuable business relationships at risk.

We have the skills, resources, and legal knowledge to effectively handle a wide range of disputes, including:

  •     Artist contract disputes
  •     Copyright infringement disputes
  •     Disputes over song royalties
  •     Disputes over percentages and compensation

Producers / Record Labels