Modeling and Fashion Law

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Modeling and Fashion Law
In the fashion world, the right image is priceless. A model’s image has the potential of landing in magazines and other media throughout the world, advertising anything from new clothing lines to consumer products. It is a multi-billion dollar-a-year industry.  At the Miami-based international law firm of Manos Schenk, we understand the business behind the advertising and fashion industries and protecting the rights of modeling and advertising professionals. We offer skilled advocacy and legal counsel to help ensure models are properly compensated for the scope of their work, and advertisers are protected from liability exposure.

Attorney Tom J. Manos has blended his background in the entertainment industry with his legal skills to provide models with cutting-edge legal services. Mr. Manos’ background as professional musician and producer has given him a unique perspective into the image-conscious entertainment world, and he knows the importance of establishing business relationships with solid contracts. Our law firm works to help protect models’ careers before problems arise in order to try and avoid the need to litigate, but we’re also there for you if litigation ever becomes necessary.

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Florida Modeling Contract Lawyers Working for You

At the law firm of Manos Schenk, we are experienced trial and transactional attorneys. We know first-hand the legal implications that can result when business relationships and the scope of modeling assignments are not accurately defined.

On a regular basis, models work with advertising companies, photographers, and modeling agencies. Often times these industry professionals approach their work in an informal and relaxed manner that may later lead to disputes and misunderstandings. We offer advice and legal counseling up front to all industry participants to help them avoid problems before they occur, such as the scope of an assignment, royalties and compensation for using an image, arrangements for the shoot, and legalities associated with obtaining permits, etc. Our entertainment law firm seeks to avoid litigation through developing clear and precise contractual agreements that protect your interests.

Modeling and Fashion Law