Why a Lawyer Can Help You Through an Immigration Case

immigration caseAnyone going to court can benefit from the help and advice of a lawyer, but in fewer cases is this more true than with an immigration case. For some individuals, there is more than losing the case on the line: there is losing connections with family, getting deported, and having years of hard work all go down the drain. For these reasons, you should leave nothing to chance and look for an immigration attorney in Miami to represent your case.

The United States is a country built on the success stories of its immigrants from around the world. In recent years, immigration has become a highly polarizing and contentious issue, leading to lots of press coverage and lots of misinformation about the rights and processes around immigration and naturalization. A good immigration lawyer in Miami can help dispel some of the misinformation and guide through the process of reaching your goals, whether those are short term (like a student or business residency) or long term (like citizenship).

Immigration affects a variety of people in all walks of life, from students who have come to attend an American university to short-term workers to powerful executives in the process of expanding their company. Immigration can be a business issue—such as navigating the red tape of employee eligibility—to a personal issue like marrying a foreign fiance. No matter the scope and nature of your issue, if it involves immigration, you should work with a qualified immigration attorney in Miami, Florida.

Common Immigration Issues

Here are some common issues with which Florida immigration lawyers help their clients:

Immigration strategies and permanent residency

Not everyone’s immigration strategy will be the same. Some clients will be interested in pursuing citizenship, while others may not. Immigration laws are frequently changing, and the U.S. immigration system is particularly vast, impersonal, and bureaucratic. If you are trying to secure status as a permanent resident or developing a strategy around your immigration issue, you will want to consult with a lawyer who specializes in these issues.

Green Cards

A Green Card (also known as an Alien Registration Card and Form I-551) authorizes the cardholder to live and/or work in the United States indefinitely, though the card itself (which is actually yellow, incidentally) expires every decade. But not all Green cards are the same.

Investor-based EB-5 green cards are for immigrants who have already or are in the process of investing $1,000,000 (half that amount in some areas) in a new commercial enterprise of benefit to the United States economy, and whose investment will create at least 10 full time positions of employment for qualifying individuals.

Employment-based visas occur in several forms. The EB-1, or first-preference visa, is issued to individuals of an extraordinary ability—like scientists, researchers, professors, managers, and business executives. The EB-2, or second-preference visa, is issued to professionals who hold an advanced degree or who possess exceptional abilities, which can be illustrated with official academic records, letters validating ten years of experience, or membership in a particular organization (to name a few options).

Family-sponsored green cards allow individuals to join their immediate kin the United States. While spouses, parents, children, and siblings fall into this category, grandparents and other extended family members do not.

Investor and work visas

These types of visas allow non-residents to come and go for specific amounts of time, either for work or to manage their investments on American soil. There are more than a dozen types of these visas, so you will want an immigration attorney for a work visa in Miami to assist you through the process of applying for the right one. For example, an I-visa is for journalists, a P-1 visa is for athletes and entertainers, and an R-1 is for clergy members. Having an employment immigration attorney is crucial for filing for the right visa and filing correctly to avoid delays.

The E-2 investor visa is for individuals who need to live and work in the U.S. to supervise their investment, and is good for three months up to five years—the duration depends on the investor’s country of origin. Intra-company transfer visas are available to professionals who work for a company that has offices both abroad and in the United States; the L-1A visa is for executives and managers, and is valid for up to seven years, while the L-1B visa provides employees with specialized knowledge up to five years of residency in the U.S.

When a person’s livelihood is dependent on the ins and outs of these nuanced visa types, one may sometimes choose to go beyond the directives of their company’s HR department and consult with an employment based immigration attorney.


For some immigrants, becoming a citizen of the United States is their ultimate goal and a topic of great emotional investment. These individuals are often leaving behind difficult circumstances abroad to find success, fulfillment, and peace in the United States. With goals so important, it’s important, it’s a smart move to solicit the advice of lawyers that specialize in U.S. citizenship and immigration services in Miami and can make the process as smooth as possible.

Defending your version of the American Dream

At Manos and Schenk, we discuss your immigration goals, whether they are short term or long term, to set up a long-term plan for success. We’ll analyze your unique situation to select the appropriate avenue (based on your goals), and meticulously gather documents and evidence to support your eligibility for whatever type of immigration situation you are pursuing.

The penalties for violating immigration laws are not to be lightly dismissed. They can include heavy fines and lifetime bans from entering the U.S., even if immigrants are merely perceived as misrepresenting material facts. Should issues arise, our immigration lawyers are highly skilled and can spearhead a successful defense against such charges. To preempt issues, we can also help you conduct self-audits of your 1-9s each year to ensure they have been adequately completed.

The American Dream is a goal that people from all walks of life strive to achieve: investors, actors, artists, musicians, athletes, models, businessmen (and women), and families. Whether their goals or personal or professional, we want to help those individuals achieve them. We also work with businesses, talent agencies, and entertainment companies (like record labels) who need to bring foreign talent into the U.S. Our firm can render legal services and counsel in English, German and Spanish.