How Can You Determine Your Next Move in a Business Plan?

business persons planning for next move of their businessDetermining your next move in business is part art and part science. In order to succeed, your next move will require some creativity and risk, but also some structure and limitation. Without the perfect balance between the two, a seemingly excellent business opportunity could become a disaster. That’s why—if you’re doing business in Miami—it’s important to have a legal retainer like a Miami business attorney.

There are many different types of business, and successful business owners will give out a diverse range of advice regarding what worked for them. But one thing that works for everybody, when it comes to making a business move, is having an attorney by your side. Here are 5 reasons why that’s true.

A business lawyer can help you set up contracts.

Setting up contracts is a tricky business, with many nuances and eventualities that need to be considered and covered. You will need contracts with employees, vendors, and clients to protect everyone’s interest, and many of the rules and regulations that pertain to these relationships are local—which is why it’s important to work with a business attorney in Miami, Florida Many people try to obtain “standard” contracts from the internet.  There is no such thing as a standard contract.  Many times the business owner who tries to save money in the contract-drafting stage, later regrets not having obtained a proper contract prepared by an attorney that is specifically-tailored for your business and the type of relationship that is being documented.  You may save money in the short run by trying to use contracts from the internet, but often times those contracts are useless and you will find yourself in a lawsuit.

A business lawyer can help you organize your business.

No business can succeed if the foundation is weak. The foundation of a business (or at least one of them) is its organization. If you’re incorporating or restructuring your business in Miami, or partnering up with another business, a business lawyer in Miami can help you make sure everything goes smoothly. They can review or even craft your documents and procedures so that small glitches don’t topple your business later.

A business lawyer can defend your best interests.

Each party to a business deal always tries to maximize his or her own benefit—and that’s just part of business. Sometimes a well-intentioned owner may not realize that the other party is giving them the proverbial short end of the stick. If your next business move is happening in Miami, a business attorney in Miami, FL can make sure your best interests are represented in the contract.

A business lawyer can help you focus on your business.

When you’re networking, deal-making, and brainstorming your next business move, you don’t want to have to worry about the nuts and bolts of making sure everything is good on paper. From the process of patenting intellectual property to filing the right building permits, a good corporate attorney in Miami can take care of the details and let you focus on the bigger picture of running your business.

A business lawyer can protect you.

The best defense is a good offense. While that doesn’t mean you want to go out looking for lawsuits, you do want to be proactive about retaining good Miami business litigation attorneys to protect your business from partners, clients, customers, vendors, other business owners, and even employees—any of which can present a significant threat to the success of your business.

Types of Contracts and Agreements a Business Lawyer in Miami Can Help You With:

Business owners need help navigating many different types of contracts and agreements, like…

Construction contracts: More time equals more money when it comes to developing real estate—and the construction industry is notorious for being behind schedule and full of disagreements. Minimize costs and set up projects for success even before you break ground.

Business contracts: During the intensity of a deal making process, it can become easy to lose sight of some of the technicalities in fine print. You don’t have to get bogged down in the legalese as you attempt to forge ahead: that’s what a vigilant lawyer is for.

Employment contracts: Disagreements with an employee are not only unpleasant; they can negatively impact productivity, and potentially open much larger cans of worms in an environment where workers rights are taken seriously. Protect yourself, and your business. 

Sports and entertainment contracts: If your business involves sports or entertainment, it can be easy to let the glitter and glory distract you from setting up proper agreements that include everyone’s best interests. Don’t let the show stop because of ineffective or one-sided contracts.

Licensing agreements: Defending your intellectual property is no light task, especially in today’s digital world. You deserve to be paid for your hard work and creativity. An attorney can help you set up proper licensing agreements and prevent unauthorized use of your intellectual property.

Distribution agreements: Letting go of control over your product or service can make any business owner nervous, but it doesn’t have to. With a good lawyer organizing your distribution, you can protect your reputation from defamation and your finances from theft.

Business operating and affiliation agreements: If you’re setting up a franchise business or entering into a partnership of some sorts, contracts and organizations will need to be checked and rechecked to make sure you are not at a disadvantage. 

Confidentiality agreements: If your business is one thrives on confidentiality, like financial advising or business mentoring, you will want a lawyer to help you set up the paperwork around client interactions—to protect your clients and to protect yourself. 

Non-compete agreements: Fewer things can be more frustrating in business than when someone wrongfully encroaches into your territory. If you’re part of a franchise model or other arrangement where competition must be structured and controlled, a lawyer can help set that up.

So What’s Your Next Move?

No matter what your goal is, your next move is to get a Miami business attorney on board with your business.  Remember that such a lawyer can help you with your contracts and organizations, defend your best interests and protect you and your business, and—perhaps most importantly—let you focus on running your business.

At Manos Schenk, we draft, review, and litigate contracts on behalf of clients throughout the Miami area—and even worldwide. We can also work with in-house counsel at larger companies to implement cost-effective business strategies. We do our utmost set up your business with contracts and advice that will avoid future litigation and help you to thrive.

Company disputes, transferring a business, selling a business, and finding office real estate are just a few of the complex tasks we handle at Manos Schenk, where the success and profitability of your business is our number one goal.