Google Scores Big Success in Its Dispute With Viacom

The legal climate for intellectual property owners in infringement disputes may have just become more challenging. The federal Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1996 was passed in part as a response to the increasing complexity of […]

“Pink Slime” Case Illustrates Legal Protection Against Defamation

Most individuals and organizations in Miami and beyond have a passing understanding of their rights and responsibilities regarding what they can and cannot say about others, and what can and cannot be said about them, […]

Celebrities Challenge the Unauthorized Use of Photos of Their Children

Celebrity couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are among the latest celebrities who are firing back at the paparazzi and the publications they sell photos to regarding the aggressive ways in which they attempt to […]

‘Friends’ Actress Lisa Kudrow Accused in Court Of Being A Real-Life Phoebe

The actress who formerly played the role of Phoebe Buffay in the well-known show “Friends” is being sued by her ex-manage Scott Howard for $1.7 million in residuals. Earlier this week, Kudrow appeared in court […]

‘Dumb Starbucks’ Labels Itself Parody Art to Escape Legal Repercussions

A potential copyright infringement case emerged in California last week when a very familiar looking storefront popped up in a  a Los Feliz shopping center. The name of the new coffee shop? Dumb Starbucks. The […]

Florida Museum Served with Contract Lawsuit

Business people in Miami and the surrounding area strive to establish contracts only with people and companies they know they can depend on, but sometimes a company doesn’t live up to its reputation and problems […]

Breach of Contract Woes for Latin Singer in Miami

Several Colombian government arts associations in Tunja, Colombia and Florida-based Miami Entertainment CMG accused famed Latin singer Paulina Rubio of a breach of contract after she failed to appear for a scheduled performance in Colombia […]

A Miami Recording Contract Dispute with a Twist

A Dispute Shows That, in Entertainment Law, If It Can Go Wrong, It Will Murphy’s Law strikes again. A broadcasting and media company conducts long, detailed and good-faith discussions with a production company regarding the […]

A Fair Outcome Following Alleged Trademark Infringement

Any business that owns a valuable patent, trademark or other intellectual property has likely taken considerable risk or expended a considerable sum to obtain it. When another business decides that it, too, can profit from […]

Non-Compete Agreements Rankle, but They Remain Enforceable in Many Instances

Non-compete agreements are among the most contested of contracts, perhaps because they are viewed both as unnecessary and as slightly un-American. Frequent comments heard by contract attorneys handling non-compete agreement disputes include “Who will gain […]