A Fair Outcome Following Alleged Trademark Infringement

Any business that owns a valuable patent, trademark or other intellectual property has likely taken considerable risk or expended a considerable sum to obtain it. When another business decides that it, too, can profit from the property or material without permission or a license, it’s important to take action to:

  • Protect your property
  • Obtain any compensation owed by law

A recent case in South Florida illustrates that, in the case of blatant trademark infringement, legal action can bring both a fair outcome and a high-value result.

For years, booth holders at the Fort Lauderdale-based Swap Shop flea market allegedly served as a source for counterfeit luxury items, including Coach purses, handbags and other items. Earlier this year, Coach responded to the alleged trademark infringement by filing a lawsuit not against alleged sellers and makers of the knock-off goods but against Swap Shop owners Preston and Betty Henn. The Henns, Coach claimed, “willfully turned a blind eye” to vendors illegally selling counterfeit Coach products on their property.

After just two days in court, the Henns capitulated and agreed to a settlement that included a $5.5 million payment to Coach due no later than December 27, 2013. For its legal efforts Coach obtained intellectual property protection, sent a message to other would-be trademark infringers and won a high-value sum that will significantly boost its 2013 bottom line.

The attorneys of the law office of Manos &Alwine, P.L., applaud the outcome of this lawsuit. Coach expends vast sums annually designing, marketing and distributing its coveted products. It deserves compensation from any party complicit in trademark infringement.

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