A Miami Recording Contract Dispute with a Twist

A Dispute Shows That, in Entertainment Law, If It Can Go Wrong, It Will

Murphy’s Law strikes again. A broadcasting and media company conducts long, detailed and good-faith discussions with a production company regarding the creation of a reality television series. An agreement is reached, payment of $100,000 is made and received and a high-quality, useable visual/audio recording of a beauty pageant-style contest is assured. All is well until the product is delivered to the media company. The problem? The recording looks great but has no useable sound!

This is not a good beginning for what may eventually become a popular local tradition. Earlier this year, the Miami-based The Bugarie Group began production of a reality TV show to be called “The Search for the Ultimate Miami Girl.” In phase one of the contest, “young ladies of all types between the ages of 21 and 35 who reside in South Florida” will be invited to a live, one-day casting call. In phases two and three, selected contestants will compete in elimination contests focused on style, personality and knowledge of Miami. The winner will be awarded the title Ultimate Miami Girl and receive $25,000.

Earlier phases of the contest have been held, filmed and edited by the production company Stardust Pictures. The Bugarie Group claims that the recording delivered had “no sound, [or was]muffled or unusable” and seeks $600,000 in damages. The complaint, filed in Florida federal court in early December 2013, claims that the planned show will have “no value” unless Stardust Pictures captures a contest that has “accompanying and synchronized sound.”

The Bugarie Group faces a serious problem but not an insurmountable one, especially of its rights are fully protected by its contract with Stardust Pictures.  An experienced and diligent entertainment law attorney can anticipate potential issues in ventures such as “The Search for the Ultimate Miami Girl” and draft an agreement that protects the rights of the artist. Likewise, when Murphy’s Law strikes, an effective entertainment law firm can aggressively pursue the compensation owed when a party fails to honor all aspects of an entertainment law contract. To discuss you business law, entertainment law or breach of contract law concern today, call us at 305-341-3100.