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Pokemon GOing Into Tricky Legal Waters?
The latest mobile fad raises many legal questions amidst the fun of catching Pikachus in your favorite public spaces.

“Blurred Lines” Between Copyright Infringement and Musical Inspiration
Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and T.I. of the hit song “Blurred Lines” were sued for copyright infringement by ripping off Marvin Gaye’s “Got To Give It Up,” with record labels included in the punishment for distributing copyright-infringing works.

Uber-Regulating Law Passed in Broward County
Broward County Commissioners passed a law regulating all app-based transportation services. Under the new law, such services’ drivers are required to undergo fingerprint background checks, obtain a special permit, and carry the heightened insurance that taxi drivers are required to carry. Uber claims that they will no longer be able to operate in Broward under this new law.

Donald Trump Threatens Legal Retaliation against NBC
Real estate giant Donald Trump’s legal team tells CNN that its competitor NBC crossed the line by withdrawing from Trump’s Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants. NBC severed its involvement with the shows following several of Trump’s offensive remarks regarding immigrants during a speech for his inauspicious presidential campaign.

Record Labels File Lawsuit Against Pandora
Three major record labels have filed a lawsuit against Pandora for playing songs that were recorded prior to 1972 without making any royalty payments. The digital music service is alleged to take advantage of a copyright loophole since federal copyright protections were not in place before February 15, 1972. Attorneys for the plaintiffs content that their clients’ master recordings are protected by individual state copyright laws, and thus are deserving of royalty payment

Women in “Attractive Convict” Mugshot Sues for Invasion of Privacy
The Florida woman behind the “attractive convict” mugshot, taken when she was arrested for a DUI in 2010, has filed a lawsuit accusing the background check website of using her picture for commercial and advertising purposes, without compensating her or obtaining permission. The woman’s attorney, Matthew Crist, said “At the end of the day, this is actually about intellectual property. If someone is going to use your image, they need to pay you for it.”

Starbucks Delivers Cease and Desist Order to Small Town Brewery Owner
The owner of a Missouri brewery responded to a cease and desist order from Starbucks with a satirical letter and a check for $6. The order at issue involved the brewery’s craft beer called “Frappicino,” which Starbucks said would cause “confusion” among buyers, as the spelling of the beer only differs from their famous drink by one letter.

Macy’s, Martha Stewart settle breach of contract dispute after nearly three years
A long-running feud between Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and Macy’s is finally settled. Miami, Florida residents may think of Stewart as a gentle television personality, but the domestic goddess has been involved in an ugly breach of contract dispute with the mega-chain for nearly three years. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

Barron Hilton mulls legal options regarding alleged beating
After being beaten and bruised at a party Barron Hilton although unsure to prosecute is meeting up with lawyers to explore his options.

Beastie Boys Allege Copyright Infringement
The company that created a YouTube video that went viral and which was inspired by a Beastie Boys song is accused by the group of infringing on their copyright. The company claims that their parody version with modified lyrics is fair use and not a violation of their copyright.

A Popular Forum for Litigating Business Disputes
A new Chief Justice is expected to be appointed to head the DE Court of Chancery which decides on a significant number of business dispute cases every year.