Lawsuit arises from playground of the rich and famous

By Pankaj Ladhar of Manos • Alwine P.L.

South Florida is a popular area for those with means to come and enjoy the sun and the water. For actors and celebrities such as Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez, one of best places to relax in the Miami area was right offshore. The Utopia mega-yacht caters to singers and entertainers who want to spend their time in the Miami area in luxury.

But now, Market America is the defendant in a lawsuit filed by the Miami chef they employed to create fine meals for the celebrities and guests on the luxury boat.

The chef claims that the owners of the boat physically abused him while he was working on the yacht. In the lawsuit, the chef alleges that the owner would become intoxicated and throw kitchen utensils at the chef. Including at least one occasion on which the chef was knocked to the ground by the owner of the boat. The chef claims that he has sustained serious back injuries as a result of the abuse and it is now difficult for him to work.

Market America, the company that owns the boat, not surprisingly disagrees with the chef’s version of events. According to a spokesperson for the company, they allege that the chef has a history of dishonesty and frivolous litigation. It should be interesting to see how this case plays out over the next few months.

Source: Miami Herald, “Yacht chef’s mega lawsuit against the Ridingers,” April 13, 2012