Sports agent teaching at school he sued raises eyebrows

By Pankaj Ladhar of Manos • Alwine P.L.

A sports agent who filed a lawsuit against a university for allegedly interfering with his relationship with an athlete he formerly represented has been hired to teach a class at the school. The agent formerly represented one of the school’s football defensive ends, helping him obtain a contract with a professional NFL team.

In the lawsuit, the agent argued that the university interfered with his relationship with the athlete, causing the termination of their relationship a few days before a NFL lockout ended. The lawsuit seeks approximately $300,000 in recovery from the athlete, supposedly the amount of loans and advances that the agent furnished him while the athletics contract was still ongoing.

Some have questioned whether the hiring of the agent to teach raises ethical or conflict of interest issues. These include whether agents should recruit athletes for professional teams if they are teaching at a school, or whether an agent should teach at a school where a client was formerly a student.

Opinions may differ, however, and the agent has said that his only intention in accepting the teaching job was to pursue his love of teaching. Despite this, in light of the lawsuit, the athletic department at the school decided not to recommend the agent’s class to its student athletes. A spokesman for the department indicated that it had not been aware that the agent was under consideration for a teaching post until after his hiring was already announced. Other sports agents have been hired for teaching positions at other universities.

Source: Business Insider, “Ethical Considerations Of Sports Agent Teaching College Course” Aug. 29, 2011