Orange Is the New Black and Blue

Orange Is the New Black star Dascha Polanco recently opened up to reporters regarding the eight-month-long legal battle she faced for allegedly assaulting a teenage girl. Polanco’s ex-fiancé had been allegedly seeing 17-year-old Cardona when the teen showed up at Polanco’s door, not knowing that Polanco was home. The teen claims that Polanco punched her several times, pulled her hair, and scratched her. Polanco was then tormented and harassed by the charges for months. Supposedly, Cardona approached several of Polanco’s acquaintances insisting that the charges would be dropped if Polanco surrendered a sum of money. Polanco claims that the teen said she wanted the money for plastic surgery, quoting her as saying “I wanna get ass and titties.”

On Polanco’s 33rd birthday, she was summoned to court for the first time, after which her name was all over the internet in headlines claiming that she beat up a teenager. This was just weeks before Polanco’s big-screen premier in the movie “Joy,” and she says the allegations tore into what was supposed to be the best time in her life. And because of the situation, big fashion brands began denying her clothes for red-carpet events, causing Polanco to not only miss lucrative fashion campaigns, but also plummeting her into depression.

Finally the Manhattan disctrict attorney dropped the charges so long as Polanco does not get arrested for six-months, because evidence showed that Cardona’s wounds were superficial. However, in the long run, Polanco’s social attitude and trust were negatively impacted. The recovery from her traumatic legal struggle will likely be a long one,