Entertainment Lawyers Can Ensure Your Rights are Protected

All entertainers bring their unique talents and goals to the entertainment industry, Actors may want to land a lead role in a Blockbuster production while an upcoming singer’s ultimate goal might be to have a single on the Top 40. Despite the difference in career goals and aspirations, all entertainers share a commonality- to be truly successful, they must all take steps to protect their legal rights and interests.

An experienced entertainment lawyer can help you implement legal strategies to protect your wealth, intellectual property and help to ensure that you have a long career in this competitive industry.  Our entertainment law firm has represented actors, writers, singers, producers, managers, agents and directors, as well as production, financing and distribution companies, in contract negotiations.

If you are…

  • An entertainer or director? It’s difficult to earn what you are worth when you are unfamiliar with just how much you should be paid for your talents. Our firm has a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s standard rates and royalties and other forms of compensation, as well as other perks you can reasonably demand. I can negotiate your full compensation and rights, then protect them with a written contract that reflects your full range of concerns.
  • A writer? Writers in the entertainment industry often contract with entertainment firms on a freelance or contractual basis. We can negotiate for your highest-level compensation, then work to enhance and optimize your ownership rights to the output you produce. We can also assist authors (and their heirs) in the recovery of ownership of previously created works: In some instances The Copyright Act is has afforded the recapture of rights to materials despite contracts that previously transfer ownership.
  • manager, agent or producer on the business side of the entertainment industry? As a manager, agent or producer, you likely assume a portion of the risk in any project you or your firm is involved with. We can negotiate to minimize your exposure to risk and maximize your potential profit.

Our entertainment law firm has handled the negotiation and drafting of record contracts, publishing contracts, producer contracts, management contracts, concert agreements, event promotion, merchandising and endorsement contracts, sponsorship agreements and a broad range of other contracts and agreements related to the entertainment industry.