Contract dispute between British singer, ‘The X-Factor’ means a $2.3M lawsuit

Chances are very few Miami residents know who Cheryl Cole is. Although the singer gained popularity in her native United Kingdom, first as a member of the girl group “Girls Aloud” and then as a solo artist, she is not very well known on this side of the Atlantic.

That might explain why Cole was eager to sign up as a judge for “The X Factor.” Naturally, a judging gig on that show would have increased her profile in the U.S., likely boosting sales of her albums and singles.

But Cole never got that chance.

She was fired before the first season even began. Some people said it was because “X-Factor” producer and fellow judge Simon Cowell wanted a bigger star; others said it was because her thick British accident was difficult for American audiences to understand.

Late last week, Cole filed a $2.3 million lawsuit against the production studio that creates “The X Factor,” alleging that it had given her had a two-year contract and only partially fulfilled it.

Both sides agree that Cole was paid $1.8 million and given certain one-time expenses in fulfillment of the terms of the first year of her contract, but Cole believes she is owed for the second year of her contract as well. She is also asking to be reimbursed for her legal fees.

We have not seen the contract at the center of this dispute, but we commend Cole for standing up for herself and what she believes to be her rights. Because we often represent artists, musicians and other creative people, we understand what it’s like to have to fight to get what you deserve; it can be tough, but in many cases, it is important.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, “Fired ‘X Factor’ Judge Cheryl Cole Sues for $2.3 million,” Alex Ben Block, Dec. 7, 2012