Real Estate and Title Closings

Real Estate and Title Closings

Residential and commercial real estate involve complex and ever-changing sets of laws of which lenders, developers, investors and businesses must be aware. To ensure that you achieve your goals and get the best deal possible, it is strongly suggested to hire an experienced Florida Real Estate Lawyer before venturing into a residential or commercial real estate transaction. It is particularly important to have legal counsel on your side as the lender will choose to retain legal counsel to represent it and not you.  The qualified attorneys at Manos Schenk can provide expert review of the transaction, help you avoid common pitfalls and make you aware of less common pitfalls through expert advice and careful attention to detail.

At the Miami-based international law firm of Manos Schenk we provide you with advice to help you protect your assets, strategically structure deals in a way to minimize taxation and handle all legal matters involved in the purchase and sale of residential or commercial property. In addition to expert legal advice, we can also assist you with many business aspects of buying and managing commercial property.

How to Choose a Florida Real Estate Lawyer

Choosing the right Florida Real Estate Lawyer is something you must pay very close attention to, always ask for references, and you should always verify the attorney is licensed and in good standing to practice law by calling the state bar where the attorney is licensed.

Manos Schenk has the experience to help you develop solid contracts with both the present and future in mind, provide expert representation in breach of contract disputes and ardently represent your best interests in any litigation you may face. We are also able to assist you in any problems or disputes that you may have with a property management company, homeowner’s association or any other type of corporate or governmental entity.

With over 53 years of combined experience, Manos Schenk has been helping investors and businesspeople successfully navigate the transactional aspect of purchasing residential and commercial property. When you want experienced and responsive legal advice and representation for a residential of commercial real estate transaction in Florida or internationally, contact Manos Schenk. 

Manos Schenk is located in Miami, Florida, and serves Miami as well as the surrounding South Florida communities, including Aventura, Kendall, Coral Gables, Homestead, Pinecrest, Hialeah, Miami Beach, Doral, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Key Biscayne, Coconut Grove, Palm Beach, South Beach, Miami-Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County and Monroe County.

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