Miami International Entertainment Law Attorney

Miami International Entertainment Law Attorney

Offering Immigration Services to Business Professionals, Athletes, Entertainers, and Families

The entertainment and sports industries in the United States continue to benefit from the influence of international artists and athletes, as do many other facets of business and investment.  At the Miami-based international law firm of Manos Schenk, we support businesses, investors, actors, artists, musicians, athletes, models, and families pursuing the opportunity to perform and excel on a global scale. We work directly with businesses, investors, talent agencies, entertainment companies and record labels looking to bring international talent into the United States with non-immigrant visas.

At the law firm of Manos Schenk, we combine our legal skills and background in business, real estate,  immigration and the entertainment and sports industries to provide international business people, investors, artists, and athletes with invaluable immigration services. We have clear understanding of these industries and the qualifications needed to work temporarily in the United States. We have the knowledge to successfully navigate the immigration system, and are well-versed in the requirements mandated by the Department of Labor to help international business professionals, artists and athletes work in the United States.

Contact our Miami-based international law firm online or call 305-341-3100 to speak with a highly skilled Miami international entertainment law attorney. We will treat you like family, and our philosophy is that family comes first.

Florida Business, Investor, Entertainer, and Athlete Visa Lawyers Working for You

When you select our law firm, you will work directly with immigration attorneys Maximilian Schenk and Stephan Schenk, who both have substantial experience handling immigration law matters for our international business clients, entertainment clients and athletes. Attorneys Maximilian and Stephan Schenk offer a detailed approach focused on understanding the nature of the clients' extraordinary talents and the duration of their work expected in the United States. Their hands-on approach helps them understand the clients' defining qualifications and the type of visa most applicable, such as:

    O-1 Visa — This type of non-immigrant visa is designed for individuals with extraordinary talent in athletics, education, business, science, arts, or who have demonstrated record of extraordinary achievement in the motion picture or television industry and have received recognition either nationally or internationally. O-1 visas are available for three years and can be extended in one year increments.
    O-2 Visa An O-2 visa is available to support personnel of O-1 visas holders working in an athletic capacity or with a motion picture or television production.
    P-1 Visa — This type of visa is issued to certain foreign nationals who are artists, entertainers, or athletes seeking temporary employment in the United States. Essential support personnel of athletes and entertainers can also apply for a P-1 visa.
    P-2 Visa — A P-2 visa can be issued to entertainers or artists, individually or as a group performing in the United States. Their essential support personnel can also apply for a P-2 visa.
    P-3 Visa — This type of visa is available to entertainers and artists who are planning to teach or present a unique artistic piece in the United States. Their essential support personnel can also apply for a P-3 visa.
    P-4 Visa — Individuals who obtain a P-1, P-2, or P-3 visa are permitted to bring their spouse and children under the age of 21 temporarily into the United States by qualifying for a P-4 visa. Individuals with a P-4 visa are not allowed to work in the United States without getting permission but can attend local schools or colleges.
    H Visa - This type of non-immigrant visa covers a wide spectrum of workers seeking to enter the United States on a temporary basis to work in various specialty occupations, non-agricultural work of a temporary nature, and others.
    L Visa - This type of visa is tailored to non-immigrants who work for a company with a parent corporation, subsidiary, branch, or affiliate in the United States. The work performed is managerial or executive in nature, or entails specialized knowledge.

Business Immigration Services for Individuals With Extraordinary Talent

At the law firm of Manos Schenk, we offer immigration services to help fill talent gaps in the United States. We can work directly with companies in the United States or international business professionals who are considered to have an extraordinary talent. This could include scientists, researchers, mathematicians, and other individuals who have set themselves apart from their peers.

Our firm's immigration attorneys understand the nuances of the immigration system. We work closely with clients to determine which type of visa is most applicable based on their extraordinary talents.

Contact Our Miami Immigration Law Firm

Contact the law office of Manos Schenk online or call 305-341-3100 to speak with Miami immigration lawyers  Maximilian Schenk and Stephan Schenk.  Our attorneys know how to help clients navigate through the complexity of the immigration system.  The firm is available to provide legal services in English, German or Spanish.

Manos Schenk is located in Miami, Florida, and serves Miami as well as the surrounding South Florida communities, including Aventura, Kendall, Coral Gables, Homestead, Pinecrest, Hialeah, Miami Beach, Doral, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Key Biscayne, Coconut Grove, Palm Beach, South Beach, Miami-Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County and Monroe County.

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