Kim Kardashian sues to quell claim marriage was fake

By Pankaj Ladhar of Manos • Alwine P.L.

Kim Kardashian, a star of reality television shows which air on the E! cable network, has retained an attorney to sue a former employee she accuses of spreading false rumors that her former marriage to well-known basketball player Kris Humphries was merely a publicity stunt. The contemplated lawsuit reportedly will ask for an award of $200,000 in damages as well as the squelching of further statements concerning her marriage.

The former employee appeared on the television program “Good Day L.A.” on last week and stated that he had worked as a publicist for Kardashian for two years between 2007 and 2009. He also asserted that the well-publicized marriage, which only lasted 72 days before a divorce was sought, was merely staged for the purpose of obtaining media attention. He also charged that Kardashian’s entire reality television program was staged as opposed to being spontaneous and unrehearsed.
In an earlier media appearance on the “Elvis Duran Morning Show,” he had claimed that Kardashian was certain for some time before her marriage to Kris Humphries that she had no interest in being married to him, and was actually still smitten with NFL football player Reggie Bush, a former boyfriend.

Kardashian, in contrast, contends that the former employee only worked for her briefly on a blog project, and argues that his recent statements concerning her marriage are in violation of a confidentiality agreement. The ex-employee responded by stating that he has copies of such an agreement, but that it was never signed and therefore is not valid and binding.

Source: Reuters, “Kim Kardashian Sues ‘Ex-Publicist’ Who Claimed Her Wedding Was a Sham,”Daniel Frankel, Nov. 13, 2011