Actor sues company for deceiving DVD cover

By Pankaj Ladhar of Manos • Alwine P.L.

Lionsgate Entertainment gave Oscar-nominated actor Jesse Eisenberg the star treatment with its new movie, “Camp Hell.” The company plastered Eisenberg’s face across the DVD case along with giving him top billing.

The only problem is Eisenberg, who has been in such hit movies as “Zombieland” and “The Social Network”, only appears in “Camp Hell” for less than five minutes. The actor has filed a lawsuit against Lionsgate for misrepresenting his role in the film and for unfair business practices in general. Eisenberg is suing for $3 million.

Contrary to what the DVD box might suggest, Eisenberg appeared only briefly in the horror picture and was compensated a mere $3,000 for his work. But that did not stop producers from using the actor’s star power to attract viewers. Numerous disappointed film critics wrote reviews on how the movie had little entertainment value and very few scenes with Eisenberg. This was contrary to their expectations.

The actor is trying to distance himself from the movie, which features a provocative story line. The movie takes place at a Bible camp attended by suburban Christian kids. When one of those kids commits a sin of the flesh, the camp is plunged into a demonic plague.

Eisenberg and his legal team said that they filed the lawsuit to alert fans of the misleading marketing tactics by Lionsgate. The lawsuit also lists Grindstone Entertainment Group as a defendant. The lawsuit was filed in a Los Angeles Superior Court.

Source: MSNBC /Today “Jesse Eisenberg tells ‘Camp Hell’ to go to heck” Natalie Finn, Nov. 30, 2011